A poem for Madiba

O great Madiba, one of the great sojourners on the narrow lane called life,

O great Madiba who painted our world golden,

O great Madiba whose stories when told to generations unborn will seem as though they witnessed it,

O great Madiba whose blood flows in my vein,

O great Madiba the bridge between the whites and blacks,

O great Madiba the one who sings freedom song at the bank distance of rivers,

O great Madiba who lights our world with freedom,

O great Madiba the anti-apartheid hero of this generation,

Though i have never met you but your activism triggers my thinking,

O great Madiba whose name was written on the terror list of nonenties,

O great Madiba who stood for transparency and integrity,

O great Madiba, in you we find the true mirror of democracy,

For only you thought us to live by our words,

O great Madiba who single-handedly wrote his name on the sand of time,

He who wrote his name on the platter of Gold,

Mandela the great, i sing your elegy as we walk you down the narrow lane that demarcates the great divide,
For only you taught us how to sing protest song even in the four walls of the prison,

Only you taught jailers the lyrics of freedom songs at the Robben Island,

Forever your name will not fade for you have painted our world green.

There is only one Nelson, there is only one Tata, there is only one anti-apartheid hero, whose name remains evergreen in the story book of legends.


How much i love it

An Early morning visit from the master

What if he visits this morning?, i questioned myself. Ooops then it came to my mind that when he comes visiting transitory or prolonged, we will share a cup of coffee and break pizzas. Together we will take a walk down my dusty area, i will show him things that needs to be fixed which he already knows.

I will call friends whom we grow up together to come see the master; for how sweet it is to receive a visit from the master. We will gist and gist and gist and gist about the world yonder for he has promised to tell me the beauty of that great kingdom. We will laugh and laugh and laugh till he withdraws for his native land.